All the Tantalising Types of Pleasure Toys for Women!

Whether you're a vulva owner or simply looking to gift someone with a vulva a sex toy, we've compiled a go-to guide on all the different kinds of sex toys for women.

Why? Well, often, we get so used to our preferred kind of stimulation that brings us to orgasm that we tend to forget that there are other ways in which to deepen that journey.

Why Indulge in a Different Kind of Sex Toy for Women

Why Indulge in a Different Kind of Pleasure Toy for Women?

You may be thinking, "Well, I have my favourite sex toy and it gets me off just fine," and that's amazing. But have you tried to shake things up a bit? Just like spicing up one's sex life is always a hoot, changing up the kind of stimulation you enjoy can be an absolute thrill unlike no other. 

Also, there are millions upon millions of vulva owners who believe that they can't experience other types of orgasms. For example, they've been enjoying clitoral stimulation for years and believe that getting a G-spot orgasm isn't possible.

Well, we're here to shatter that belief by not only introducing you to the different types of pleasure toys for women, but also introducing you to a few of our favourites that are a must-have!

Ready for a wild ride?

Different Types of Sex Toys for Women

Different Types of Pleasure Toys for Women

Because one-size-does-not-fit-all, there are various types of sex toys for women.

The most popular sex toys for women include:

  • Clitoral stimulation sex toys
  • G-Spot sex toys
  • Dual stimulation sex toys
  • Couples sex toys
  • Anal sex toys

Clitoral Stimulation Pleasure Toys for Women

Clitoral stimulation sex toys are pleasure products that stimulate the clitoris. There are a variety of different clitoral sex toys for women, some simply vibrate and some have other features, such as suction capabilities. In the latter, it uses a suckling action to stimulate even more of the clitoris, like deep waves of pleasure. 

Either way, you can find a slew of clitoral vibrators in different shapes and sizes, but what they all have in common is that they're used externally to stimulate the clitoris.

G-Spot Stimulation Pleasure Toys for Women

G-spot stimulation sex toys for women are made in such a way that they target, tease and please the G-spot. This is an area inside of the vagina, about five to eight cm's, that has the power to give you tremendous orgasms.

The G-spot is a spongy, thickened area of tissue found on the vaginal walls, and while it can be stimulated using fingers, G-spot toys have been made with absolute precision to reach it easily. In other words, these sex toys are curved in such a way that it does all the hard work for you. G-spot orgasms can differ from clitoral orgasms, so because each individual is different, experimenting is a great idea!

popular sex toys for women

Dual Stimulation Sex Toys for Women

A dual stimulation sex toy for women is a combination of clitoral stimulation and G-spot stimulation. It's a pleasure product that's essentially a 2-in-1, and will tease your clitoris and your G-spot at the same time. A great example of a dual stimulation sex toy is a rabbit vibrator.

To use this kind of sex toy is to experience double the pleasure. It really can be a game changer for some, and result in massive climaxes and all sorts of delicious fun.

Couples Pleasure Toys

We are talking about sex toys for women, but there are some that are made to use with a partner. For example, a wearable or a panty vibrator that comes with a remote. In this way, one's partner can take the reins and control all the sexy sensations whilst the vulva owner wears or holds the sex toy in place.  

Couples sex toys are really fun as it's a way to not only spice up your partnered sex life, but also show your lover what really gets your motor running.

Anal Pleasure Toys 

Anal sex toys are genderless, but we thought we'd add it in anyway, as many women love anal stimulation. There are a variety of anal sex toys, from anal beads to butt plugs, that give off all sorts of euphoric sensations. If you're new to anal penetration, you could start off with an anal kit which will allow you to slowly experiment. This is because an anal sex kit comes with a number of differently-sized anal toys, so you can start with the smallest and work your way up.

Then, there are bigger anal sex toys for those anal enthusiasts who want to go bigger. Some anal sex toys vibrate, some are made of silicone or glass or stainless steel, providing extra bits of sensations. Anal stimulation is great for vulva owners because there are so many nerve endings inside of the anus, that it can result in huge orgasms.

Our Top Pleasure Toys for Women

In keeping with our theme, we'll introduce our favourite sex toy for women according to each of the five themes!

Clitoral stimulation pleasure toys

LELO SONA 2 Cruise Clitoral Stimulator

Want to take a trip to heaven? The LELO SONA 2 Cruise Clitoral Stimulator is an award-winning sex toy for women, and uses gentle sonic waves to really stimulate the clitoris in its entirety (even the parts we can't see). This true marvel is a suction clitoral vibrator that also has Cruise Control, which means that, the harder you press, the harder the stimulation. It's a waterproof sex toy for women, made for enjoying any and everywhere (where legal and acceptable, of course).

G-Spot sex toys

G-spot Sex Toys for Women Tracy's Dog

Well, our Dual Vibrator isn't just a G-spot vibrator, but it can be used as such! So, we thought we'd introduce you to a three-in-one! It's a real firecracker that has different kinds of stimulation on both ends. On one end, you'll find a deliciously-curved and ridged G-spot vibrator that you can use for those moments of self care and sexual bliss. On the other, you'll find a suction clitoral vibrator and a wand-like vibrator (simply removing the accompanying sleeve will allow you to choose your pleasure). Whichever you choose, this multi-pleasure sex toy for women has 10 different settings, and two motors! Vroom, vroom!

Dual stimulation pleasure toys

Tracy's Dog Suction Vibrator Next Generation

You simply cannot go wrong with the Tracy's Dog Suction Vibrator Next Generation. The reviews across the Internet alone is reason enough to buy one, but from personal experience, this incredible dual stimulation sex toy will take you from zero to hero in a matter of seconds/minutes. It uses a suction to target your clitoris, and is curved gloriously to reach your G-spot. With these two types of stimulation going on in unison, you'll be seeing stars.

Couples pleasure toys

Tickler wearable vibrator for women

Find a new way to play with Tickler, a wearable vibrator that's all kinds of fun! What's great about this couples sex toy for women is that it can actually be used vaginally or anally! It comes with a handy remote that you can pass onto your partner, and let go whilst you experience the ecstasy of a wearable vibrator. Simply slip it inside of you, and enjoy one of the 10 different vibrational modes with your partner.

Anal pleasure toys

Jewelled Butt Plug Set!

 And last but not least, a goodie for beginners, the Jewelled Butt Plug Set! This gem of a sex toy package comes with three different butt plugs, all of varying sizes, so you can slowly but surely get into the pure lust that is anal stimulation. These three butt plugs are not just super soft and easy to use, but the've also got an adorable base gem making it look cute as a button whilst worn too! This anal training kit is exactly what you need to either get used to anal sensations or to prepare yourself for anal sex!

And so, you're in on the 411 that is pleasure toys for women! Have you found a pleasure product that's totally tickled your fancy?

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