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At Your Pleasure Toys, we aim to please. Which means that we're continuously sourcing new sex toys and exciting erotic gadgets for you to enhance your play time, solo or with a partner!

And even though we're constantly on the hunt for new sex toys that'll tease and please, we're selective in the products we sell. Why? Because life's too short to waste your precious pennies on bad sex toys! 

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Introducing Our New Sex Toys at Your Pleasure Toys

Why not come with us on a journey and say hello to the new sex toys we've proudly selected for our favourites (aka you!). 

But first, we thought it'd be quite endearing to introduce you to the brands behind our new sex toys. Today, you'll not only find new inspiration when it comes to getting off, but also the masterminds behind them!


Vush Sex Toys

Vush has been the talk of the town of late with their pleasure products that are fit for absolute royalty.

They're all about new sex toys that are for "the beginners, the nervous, the curious, for the brave." Basically, they're calling upon all of those sassy individuals who have not been taught to prioritise their pleasure.

For Vush, their main aim is to start a conversation about sexual pleasure. They're working hard to change the narrative surrounding self-pleasure in an inclusive and empowering manner. They want to remove shame that some may feel about using sex toys and tapping into their sexuality.

What's also great about Vush and their new sex toys, is that their pleasure products are not only high quality, easy and fun to use, but they're also aesthetically-beautiful. With Vush, you'll find a selection of new sex toys as well as important educational tips and advice on how to better love yourself, sexually.



CalExotics is a well-known brand in the sex toy industry, and has been around since 1994. Its founder, Susan Colvin, started the brand in hopes of creating female-friendly intimate products, and thus made a big name for herself in this male-dominated industry. 

Today, you'll find new sex toys from CalExotics on the regular, and not just for her... these days, they're all about inclusivity, sharing pleasure and experiencing solo self care. That means that you'll find sex toys for him, her, and for couples at CalExotics.

Even though this sex toy brand focuses on everyone and their pleasure however, they're still an all-female product development team. This team places a big focus on reigniting romance and passion in relationships.

All of that aside, why should you consider CalExotics if you're on the hunt for a new sex toy? Well, they've won multiple awards for their company, product lines, and individual products because of their superior performance and quality. 

This sex toy brand is therefore a leader in the industry, and you can be sure that owning a new sex toy from CalExotics will mean nothing but sheer blissful erotica.

Tracy's Dog

Tracy's Dog

One of the biggest questions one may have when it comes to this sex toy company is: why is it called 'Tracy's Dog'? That's a fair question, as it is quite random at best.

The answer? Well, the folk at Tracy's Dog boldly admit that dogs are loyal and faithful friends, and with their new sex toys, they're aiming to bring you intimate products that are loyal to your desires while bringing you endless amounts of joy.

 This sex toy brand offers new sex toys for men, women, and partners because, as they say, "sexual wellness has no gender". 

Today, they're continuously bringing out new sex toys for solo adventurers and couples who want to improve their relationship and deepen their bond.

They're giving couples the opportunity to explore new ways of being intimate, and to enjoy different kinds of adventures behind closed doors. After all, sex and intimacy has a way of boosting one's overall feeling of wellbeing.

New Sex Toys at Your Pleasure Toys

And now, are you ready to see our new sex toys from these three incredible brands? Hot off the press, these eight new sex toys have just recently been added to our website, and we're ready for you to rock them!

With our research and careful consideration, we know that these pleasure products are well worth your time, money, and bliss!

8 New Sex Toys at Your Pleasure Toys

1. Vush Rose 2 Bullet Vibrator

Vush Rose 2 Bullet Vibrator

Pretty in pink, the Vush Rose 2 Bullet Vibrator is a new sex toy you'll fall in lust with. It's a smooth, sexy, and rather sassy bullet vibe that rumbles sensually for your very best orgasmic bliss. It's flexible, perfect for external and internal use, and shows off sleek curves that were made to caress and adore your body.

2. Vush Myth G-Spot Vibrator

Vush Myth G-Spot Vibrator

Go on a journey of self-exploration with a G-spot vibrator that's soft and gorgeous. This adorable new sex toy from Vush is aesthetically-beautiful, making your experience even more thrilling and less intimidating. And if you're a newbie to this kind of play, you can enjoy the blissful vibrations on your external sweet spots, teasing and pleasing yourself until you're ready to hit your erotic G-spot. A new kind of sexual euphoria awaits with the Vush Myth G-Spot Vibrator.

3. Vush Majesty 2 Wand Vibrator

Vush Majesty 2 Wand Vibrator

Want to feel like a super star? The Vush Majesty 2 Wand Vibrator actually showed-face in Cardi B's music video "Up", making it kind of a big deal. This beauty is self-love encapsulated, and has some generous curves made of soft silicone, ready to tantalise your body in all of its glory. in short, this waterproof new sex toy from Vush is brimming with magic and all kinds of orgasmic potential.

4. CalExotics Empowered Smart Pleasure Queen Tongue Suction Vibrator

CalExotics Empowered Smart Pleasure Queen Tongue Suction Vibrator

It looks fancier and perhaps more intimidating than your average sex toy, that's true, but it's for good reason... this bad boy will take you from zero to hero in a matter of minutes! It's been created in such a way that it induces arousal, so whether you're 'in the mood' or not, you'll most certainly get there with this new sex toy from CalExotics. Allow it suck and tease your clitoris to a mighty climax, and you'll be smiling from ear to ear all day long.

5. CalExotics Empowered Smart Pleasure Idol Clitoral Suction Stimulator

CalExotics Empowered Smart Pleasure Idol Clitoral Suction Stimulator

Treat your most sweetest spot with a brand new sex toy from CalExotics, made for those who want to experience intense clitoral orgasms that feel like sheer ecstasy. This gorgeous treat allows you to control its speed and intensity, putting you in the driver's seat when it comes to your very best pleasure. It also allows you to program your favourite setting, so you can keep going back for more whenever you crave it most.

6. CalExotics Empowered Palm Pleasure Goddess Clitoral Suction Stimulator

CalExotics Empowered Palm Pleasure Goddess Clitoral Suction Stimulator

Nestled sweetly in the palm of your hand, it's almost unbelievable how powerful the Empowered Palm Pleasure Goddess Clitoral Suction Stimulator, a new sex toy at Your Pleasure Toys, is. It's petite and travel-friendly, yet packs a sexy punch whenever you're ready to receive delicious orgasms. Going on vacation? A work trip? Or simply looking for a small sex toy that's easy to hide and easy to grab when needed? Yes, this is the sex toy for you!

7. Tracy's Dog Finger Vibrator (Finga)

Tracy's Dog Finger Vibrator (Finga)

Make sexual self-care a priority with this new sex toy from Tracy's Dog. It's so effortlessly easy to use... and its gorgeous aesthetic definitely doesn't disappoint either. The Finger Vibrator, aka Finga, is ready for action simply by gliding it onto your finger and turning it on! And, for those sexy bouts of couples play, it comes with a remote control. Have your cake and eat it, whether you're going solo or playing together.

8. Tracy's Dog Blowy 2-in-1 Clitoral Vibrator

Tracy's Dog Blowy 2-in-1 Clitoral Vibrator

Clitoral suction is all the rave at the moment, and for good reason... it feels like heavenly bliss on your most sensitive spot. But what makes the Tracy's Dog 2-in-1 Clitoral Vibrator better than your average clit sucker? It also flicks tongue-like actions against your erogenous zone for an out-of-this-world kind of sensation. Similar to the real deal, you can bask in solo play and receive all the oral sex pleasure you desire with this new sex toy that's petite yet erotically powerful.

Ready to add to your collection with a new sex toy at Your Pleasure Toys? Or if you need a helping hand, get in touch! We're always ready to chat, give advice, and meet our gorgeous clients.

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