Why VUSH is a Sexual Wellness Brand All Women Need to Know About!

Finding an affordable sex toy that'll make you orgasm with delight while advocating pleasure for and empowering women? It kind of feels like searching for a needle in a haystack, right?

And while there are so many amazing brands out there that are working hard to destigmatize women's sexual pleasure, VUSH has managed to make quite a name for themselves in the fight to close the orgasm gap.

This sexual wellness brand, with its adorable, light, cheerful, and sensual aesthetic, is an up-and-coming group of babes who are taking the world by storm. And we're so proud to be affiliated with them.

At Your Pleasure Toys, we want to shine light on pleasure for all bodies, but are especially focused on women's satisfaction... as it's been a taboo for far too long.

Cue: VUSH!

 VUSH sexual wellness

Who is VUSH?

VUSH is a sexual wellness brand that wants you to love yourself! They're all about individuals being true to themselves, encouraging them to be their most authentic self, and assisting them in making their pleasure a priority.  

And unlike some sex toy brands that focus solely on certain kinds of pleasure, individuals, aesthetics or levels of experience, VUSH is for every body. Their pleasure products are for beginners, the cautious, the nervous, and inexperienced. They're for those who have ever felt ashamed of their body, or told that pleasure is shameful.

This brand believes that there is no place for sexual wellness products to be placed in the bottom of your sock drawer or hidden in hard-to-reach places in fear of embarrassment. As they say, "There's no shame in the self love game". 

VUSH is also for the bold, brave, and fearless. They're for the empowered, the badass sex toy connoisseurs, and those who know that sexual wellness is an important part of living a well-balanced and happy life.

In this way, VUSH is working hard to change the conversation surrounding pleasure, especially for women. Their sex toys are of high quality, sassy yet easy to use, and aesthetically beautiful... just like you!

VUSH Sexual Wellness Products

VUSH Sexual Wellness Products

A simple glance at the sexual wellness products from VUSH and you're immediately drawn to them. They don't mimic your average-looking, somewhat intimidating, sex toy.

In fact, they're more like a piece of art, gorgeous in design, and incredible in function. Their brand colours simply scream elegance, happiness, sensuality, and sexuality. 

And while we may be bias because we're so in love with VUSH, their reviews and acclamations speak for themselves...

VUSH sexual wellness products have been featured by some big names such as Marie Claire and MTV. The latter, well, you may have seen the Majesty 2 Wand in Cardi B's music video, "Up". Celebrity endorsed and simply magical to look at? That is VUSH, in a nutshell.

Sex Toys VUSH

Want to take a closer look at the delicious sex toys from VUSH?

VUSH Myth G-Spot Vibrator

A G-spot vibrating that's brimming and blushing with sensuality, the VUSH Myth G-Spot Vibrator has one goal in mind: to get you off with intense power and self-love. What does it do? It targets the G-spot (a sexy part of the anatomy located two to three inches inside of the vagina).

When stimulated, the G-spot will increase in size, allowing for even more pleasure. With enough sensual stimulation the G-spot has the ability to shower you with waves of intense climaxing.

This G-spot vibrator is easy-to-use, looks like a million bucks, and has been created to compliment your curves. It's also textured, giving you even more stimulation. In short, this pleasure product will, without a doubt, take you on a journey of self-discovery and blissful eroticism.

VUSH Myth G-Spot Vibrator

VUSH Majesty 2 Wand

We're all magic... but holding and using the VUSH Majesty 2 Wand will make you feel even more magical. It's a wand-style vibrator that's excellent for all kinds of play. You could use it solo, targeting your lesser-known and more intimate erogenous zones, or you could grab it for some partnered play.

We love the VUSH Majesty 2 Wand because it is a tool perfect for foreplay. Sure, it has the power to give you intense and luscious orgasms, but it can also be used to get things hot and heavy. Use this sexual wellness product and you'll enjoy only good vibes any and everywhere. Feel your levels of arousal climb as you inch closer to your sweet spots, or bask in the latent sexual tension that it has to offer.

With the VUSH Majesty 2 Wand, you're simply adding to the magical and sexual being that you are. 

VUSH Majesty 2 Wand

VUSH Rose 2 Bullet Vibrator

This piece of luxury was made for targeted and precise pleasure by stimulating the clitoris with lust and love. It's a bullet vibrator that's petite yet powerful, and rumbles with self-care and sexuality. 

The VUSH Rose 2 Bullet Vibrator pairs perfectly with candles, rose petals, bubble baths, and champagne. At the same time, it also has the power to simply get you where you want to go, without any thrills or frills. Turn your session of self-care into one of romance or merely a quick and sexual release. The choice is yours.

Another perk to this gorgeous sexual wellness product? While it has been made for external clitoral stimulation, it's been created with medical-grade silicone, which means that you can use it internally too, if that's what you fancy!

VUSH Rose 2 Bullet Vibrator

So whether you're already vibrating and exuding self-care and self-love, or you're looking to engage in more solo sensual acts, VUSH has a wellness product for you.

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