Pride Month Pleasure – Toys for Girl on Girl

Happy Pride month everyone! Whether you’re gay, bi, trans or non-conforming, we support you and all you do! Most importantly, we want you to feel just as catered to when it comes to getting it on! We’re all about maximising pleasure for all when it comes to Your Pleasure Toys and we want people to feel sexually confident to communicate what they want and how they want it – and when it comes to choosing sex toys! We’re no stranger to a good sex toy guide so let’s kick it off with one for the girls!

Clit Sucker Viral Toy

You’ve definitely heard about it by now and there’s a good reason! The Tracy’s Dog clit sucker toy sends you to heaven in two main ways: incredible movements from the internal part of the toy and innovative technology to mimic pulsing, licking and sucking of the clit for external pleasure. It’s really quite a force for good! If you want to treat your girlfriend to an intense orgasm, she won’t forget any time soon, this is a no-brainer!

Clit Sucker Handheld

If you already know what’s up but you want to take your sex to the next level, we have another clit sucker that might work better for you. Where the viral toy is best to be sat on and mostly enjoyed alone (although we all love a bit of voyeurism), this clit sucker is handheld and is perfect for providing incredibly sensual flicks and pulses to the clit while you work your best angles!

Thrusting Dildo

For penetrative sex, nothing beats the thrusting dildo. This incredibly lifelike design is based on the real deal and has a handy remote that changes up the settings to however you like it! Pop it on the floor or on a mirror and hand the remote to a partner to control for a real thrill!

If you can’t celebrate pride month by buying a bunch of sex toys, when can you?!

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