Harnessing Your Sexual Power and Making Fem-Tech do The Work with Shakira

Harnessing Your Sexual Power and Making Fem-Tech do The Work with Shakira

As our ‘more pleasure to women’ campaign continues, we have continued to share the love (and good vibes, of course) with more incredible women, and one of those is no other than Shakira, otherwise known as Scotty Unfamous. We had an immediate girl crush when we first came across Shakira. She exudes confidence and sexual prowess and is constantly keeping followers of her blog and Instagram up to date on the latest toys and pleasures! This sexual wellbeing blogger is an absolute powerhouse!

Getting You Going

We all know the absolute health and wellbeing benefits of a good orgasm, and if you’re looking for somewhere to go just to get the motor going, we cannot recommend highly enough, Shakira’s sexy erotica! And if you needed something a little more visual, check out her sexy series!

Sexual Wellness

Shakira really does a godly service of putting sexual wellness at the forefront of her content. She recognises that sexual education is not up to speed on the modern ways of life and often does not address a multitude of issues from unrealistic porn to women’s sexual health and mental wellbeing. There is always something new to learn from her wellness playlist!

Expert’s Review

In our recent campaign, we gifted Shakira the Tracy’s Dog Dual Suction Vibrator and, true to her word, she tested it and tested it to give her honest opinion!

“When YPT reached out, I was excited AF to review another one of their products because that original Tracy’s Dog toy SLAPPED DIFFERENTLY, but b*tch…this sh*t right here -SHE (my pussoir) WASN’T READYYYYYYYY! This ain’t no regular wand, heaux *flips hair and looks seductively at imaginary camera* it’s a Tracy’s Dog wand and BABYYYY, they have mastered it! The beauty of this toy is in its versatility -it taps, its sucks, it f*cks and we have no choice but to stan.”


We won’t spoil the rest – but you can go read the rest here!  



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