Sex During the Coronavirus Pandemic – What CAN I do?

The coronavirus pandemic has gone on for far longer than anyone in the UK could have imagined. While some countries have gotten well over the spread, have no new cases and have put it behind them, we’re still seeing new cases, an increase in R rate and ongoing restrictions. It feels like nothing in our lives has been left untouched and unregulated – and sex is one of them! So, sex during the pandemic – what CAN we do? 

Sex in Your Bubble

The safest way to play during the pandemic is to have sex only within your bubble. For partners in long-term relationships or housemates who are a little more intimate, this should be no problem! If you want to look on the bright side, it’s easier and more convenient to have sex with the people already in your household, it poses no extra risk than everyday social activities with them and is a great way to limit your risk of sexually transmitted diseases!

 Social Distancing

Of course, outside the social bubble, the guidelines are still recommending that we socially distance from people. That means that you could go on that Tinder date you’ve been looking forward to and maybe take it to their house, but you may have to get creative to remain two metres apart. We’re not shy of trying something new – have you tried watching each other masturbate from across the room? Hot!

Sex with a Mask

The NHS and the UK government raised some eyebrows in recent weeks when they tried to appease all of us horny devils by advising us of the best and safest ways we might be able to have sex with people from outside our social bubble. The advice? Wearing a mask as you are within each other’s personal space will prevent the spread – and whilst this means no kissing we feel it’s important to mention that it can still be sexy and PornHub have seen a huge increase in the demand for masked porn! They have also advised that you try sex positions that allow you to face away so that’s another chance to get creative!


Whilst we never thought we’d be told to have masked doggy style sex by our own government, we aren’t shy here at Your Pleasure Toys and personally welcome some fun obstacles in the bedroom! If you wanted to keep it totally safe may we suggest you swap out your partners for a realistic thrusting dildo or a male masturbation cup?

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