Three Ways to Boost Body Confidence

There has been a lot of talk about body confidence in recent weeks and all the more so with people sharing their stories of putting on the ‘lockdown stone’. The recent talk of the government’s aim to add calories to menus to tackle obesity has also had a few people questioning their physique. At Your Pleasure Toys, we love our bodies – they’re a doorway to heaven when treated properly! We know that when you don’t feel good about yourself, you have less sex and are less powerful in your everyday life. That’s why we’re here to tell you three ways to boost your body confidence.

Better Curate Your Social Media and The Bodies You See

If you’re always looking at the same sorts of bodies, you’re probably going to feel negative or the odd one out if your body doesn’t look the same way. Since the mainstream media already shows women hundreds of images a week that have one body type, you shouldn’t let your social media tell the same story. Every single body is different and that should be celebrated. Search the body positive hashtags, follow women of all shapes and sizes and get used to seeing and celebrating differences on your timeline!

Spend Time with Your Body

Treat your body like a friend who needs you to check in every now and again. There are lots of ways you can commit to spend more time with your body and seeing your body. Try regularly sleeping naked, buying or wearing your favourite sexy underwear, take some sultry nudes and talk yourself up! You don’t need to send them or post them, just keep some for you where you can see that you’re a goddess! Take care of your body with body butters and oils, get used to seeing every bit of you and liking it!


Our bodies are for a lot of things – and pleasure is a big one! Not only does masturbating give you time with yourself to see and play with your body and get to know what works for you but it also releases stress and boosts your happy hormones, making you feel positive about life and about you! Every woman deserves this alone time (or together time) to realise the true potential of your fabulous body! Treat yourself to a sex toy and just see what it can do!


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