Shouting About Female Pleasure and Normalising Masturbation with Jessica Megan!


At Your Pleasure Toys, we are eager to talk about sexual health and sexual pleasure. For far too long making ourselves feel good has been a taboo topic – in more recent times it seems men are more frequently allowed to speak up on masturbation and sexual pleasure, but women are still hushed out of the conversation.

Masturbating is Normal, Masturbating is GOOD

The truth is that masturbating is a normal and healthy thing to do. We are one of just a small group of mammals that derives pleasure from our bodies. Don’t take it from us, listen to the clitoris. The clitoris is not part of the reproductive system and has literally no other purpose on your body except to create pleasure with its hundreds of thousands of nerve endings. Pleasure is the clit’s only business! Isn’t that something to shout about?

Making Some Noise

We have been working with several sexually positive influencers to try to raise awareness about the importance of feeling sexually positive about your own body. One of the first influencers we have worked with on this campaign is Jess.

Introducing Jess

Jess is an absolute powerhouse! She educates people on their bodies, promotes body positivity and confidence and just oozes enthusiasm for female empowerment. Whilst lots of Instagram is open to body shame and body image issues, Jess is nothing but open and unapologetic, she flaunts her gorgeous curves and encourages other people to get comfortable with their bodies too!

 Jess’s Message on Masturbation

We loved what Jess had to say on sex toys!

 “Have you tried anything new lately? Got a sex toy in mind you’d love to try out?

I talk about self pleasure a lot because I rarely seek out sex. Since beginning a new and glorious journey with my body in my early twenties, one that didn’t revolve around being thin and pleasing men, I’m always curious about what it can do.

Lately, during lockdown, masturbation has been especially crucial to me. I love a quick wank. It’s without a doubt one of my favourite things to do, a slam dunk with a powerful vibrator right to the dead centre for 2 minutes at night to get me to sleep is invaluable. But practising slow and meaningful self-love has brought a new appreciation for my body and a love for trying new things. I truly want every woman to feel this way, so I encourage you to try something new where possible. Uncover your bodies gorgeous secrets and get yourself a new sex toy when you can afford it and you feel like trying something different <3

@yourpleasuretoys there is a wide range of magnificent toys ready to bango your bingo. I asked to try the butt plug, as exploring my pleasure zones in that area was always really intimidating to me. In the past, there was very little care or appreciation from men and anal sex is always considered something only REALLY naughty girls do. Anal activity was never truly for my benefit, only something I did because I saw it in porn and assumed it was my role as the dirty submissive to say yes. Now, I get to explore that area at my own pace and in my own time. Getting sex toys with the purpose of exploring new grounds is a beautiful and exciting way to helping me reclaim my body.

I tried their infamous Tracey’s Dog clitoral sucking vibrator, which really does make you go cross-eyed. The best position for this one is to either kneel or sit. It’s good for solo sex but especially great with a partner. I hadn’t tried a toy like this before and now it’s one of my favourites.”

For all your sexual pleasure needs, feel free to take a browse of our luxury sex toys or check out our blog for more sexual advice and empowerment!


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