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Move Over Easter Bunny – The Toys to Ask for Instead of an Egg

Easter is coming and whether you’re a chocaholic or not, we guarantee that guaranteed orgasms every time you play is far better than an egg, so raise the stakes a little and ask for one or more of these delightful sex toys. The Only Bunny We Care About Swap the Easter bunny for the Tracy’s Dog Beads Bunny Vibrator. This beautiful sex toy is not just a looker – it really does the job! Tracy’s Dog are masters of the female body and delivering targeted stimulation to all the right areas and this toy is no exception. The Beads Bunny Vibrator plays on all the sweet spots with is 360 degrees rotating massaging beads inside a velvety smooth shaft, and...

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Our Most Discreet Pleasure Toys

Sex and masturbation are very much natural, it is good and healthy to be in tune with our bodies and, therefore, we don’t think that pleasure toys should be something to hide or be embarrassed about. That being said, your pleasure is your own to own it and that’s also seriously cool! No one has to shout about what gets them off, and secrets are fun to keep too. Whether you’ve got roommates, snooping family to consider or are looking for something travel size, we’ve got you! Here’s a roundup of our most discreet pleasure toys. The Lipstick Vibrator Disguised as a lipstick, this vibrator is our most discreet product of all. It’s small, it doesn’t look suspicious, but it...

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