Get that Orgasm Glow! 10 Valentine's Day Games & Sex Toys for Under £50!

Valentine's Day... you either love it or you hate it! But whether you're with a partner, flying solo, have a friends with benefits, or even embracing the whole anti-Valentine's day trend, there's a treat waiting for you that'll give you that orgasm glow!

We've rounded up our top Valentine's Day sex toys for under £50 so that you can gift yourself or someone else with a desire that simply says "I love you", "I lust after you", or even "Get your rocks off, babe! You deserve it!".

Alternatively, if you fancy something that you can't find in our list, take a peek at all of our sex toy products here.

Valentine's Day Sex Toys

10 Valentine's Day Sex Toys for Under £50

From as little as £20, you can embrace the sexiness that is your or your partner's delicious carnal desires. And the best part is, these sex toys can be used on Valentine's Day and beyond! A treat that keeps on giving, shall we say?

Find your next muse in our list of luscious pleasure products under £50, and succumb to new levels of uninhibited bliss.

1. Bijoux Indiscrets Slow Sex Warming Massage Oil £19.99

Slow Sex Warming Massage Oil

Turn foreplay into a session of warm, hot and steamy seduction that'll glide you all the way into a racing libido and a craving to hop-to. The Bijoux Indiscrets Slow Sex Warming Massage Oil creates a slight warming effect and was made to enhance intimacy and pave the way for even more pleasure.

2. S&M Intro Kit for Beginners £24.99

S&M Intro Kit for Beginners

For the daring who wish to give BDSM a go, the S&M Intro Kit for Beginners is a sexy package with all of your beginner essentials. Inside, you'll find a pair of black furry metal handcuffs, a satin blindfold, and a black flogger, so you can definitely whip both you and your partner into shape for some exceptional fireworks.

3. Tracy's Dog Mini Vibrating Wand £24.99

Tracy's Dog Mini Vibrating Wand

Looking for something petite, cute-looking, but that packs a punch in the pleasure department? Tracy's Dog Mini Vibrating Wand is perfect to use during solo play or with a partner, is bendy in all the right places, and comes with a handy remote to make things even more sassy. Another perk? It's travel-sized so you can take it with you if you're planning to whisk away this Valentine's Day.

4. Double Ended Vibrating Wand £29.99

Double Ended Vibrating Wand

Want the best of both worlds, but don't want to dish out too much of your hard-earned cash? There's a wand that can be everything you want it to be... and more. The Double Ended Vibrating Wand can be used as a clitoral stimulation pleasure product and a G-spot sex toy! And for lesbian partners, this magical sex toy can be inserted into one partner while the other grinds on their lover's clitoris for simultaneous play!

5. Tease & Please Erotic Adult Games £29.99

Tease & Please Me Erotic Games

The collection of Tease & Please erotic adult games is so versatile that there's something for everyone. Find your favourite, and start playing!

This erotic game for adults is all about trying on new personas by indulging in 16 different saucy bondage tasks with your partner. It also comes with a blindfold, bondage rope, and nipple clamps!

This erotic game for adults was made for couples who want to get to know one another on a more intimate level. It's a compilation of naughty questions, sexy tasks, and also comes with three BDSM-inspired treats: a bondage ribbon, a tickling feather, and handcuffs.

This erotic game for adults is the perfect introduction to anal play! It's been sensually created to explore this new realm of sexual pleasure with the use of various tasks, and also comes with anal beads, a butt plug, and lubricant.

This erotic game for adults enhances the sexual connection you have with your lover, while having a BDSM flair to it. It includes tasks of foreplay that'll prompt mutual discovery and a whole lot of sexiness for that Valentine's Day date night and beyond. It also includes a massage tool, a tickling feather, and a blindfold.

This erotic game for adults is all about penetrative fun, giving you different position to try out. These carefully chosen positions are all about giving partners mutual pleasure whilst having a ton of sexy fun in the process. It comes with one love ring, one vibrating love ring, a set of erotic dice, and a deck of cards containing 52 sex positions from the Kama Sutra.

6. Vibrating Cock Ring with Dual Motors £34.99

Vibrating Cock Ring with Dual Motors

For lovers who want to enjoy penetration with even more oomph and desire, this Vibrating Cock Ring with Dual Motor was made to be shared. It's a flexible pleasure product, fitting most sizes, and gives both partners a jolt in sexual satisfaction. Allow this sweet treat to tease and please the shaft (and balls), as well as the clitoris with its dual motors that create dual euphoria.

7. Jewelled Butt Plug Set £34.99Jewelled Butt Plug Set


A sex toy that not only catches the eye but also gives off some seriously erotic sensations for anal lovers. The Jewelled Butt Plug Set comes with three different butt plugs of varying sizes, and is so aesthetically-pleasing, you'll be tempted to wear one during every date night.

8. Satisfyer Sexy Secret App Enabled Panty Vibrator £39.99

Satisfyer Sexy Secret App Enabled Panty Vibrator

It's true that knowing a secret you can't disclose makes things even more exciting. So why not have a sexy secret that only you and your partner know about? The Satisfyer Sexy Secret App Enabled Panty Vibrator is a delicious wearable vibrator that stays in-place using a magnet that adheres to your underwear, and stimulates the clitoris effortlessly. Pass the remote onto your partner and feel unexpected erotic vibes when you least expect it.

9. Tracy's Dog Blowy 2 in 1 Clitoral Vibrator £44.99

Tracy's Dog Blowy 2 in 1 Clitoral Vibrator

Love clitoral stimulation and want more of it? You can now enjoy two different kinds of clit pleasure with the Tracy's Dog Blowy 2 in 1 Clitoral Vibrator. A petite goddess that offers you either sensual suction vibes or a "flicking" tongue-like sensation. Choose your favourite climax-inducing function and go on a journey to see the stars.

10. Tracy's Dog Dragon Bone Strap On Dildo with Dual Motors £49.99

Tracy's Dog Dragon Bone Strap On Dildo with Dual Motors

Forget straps, ties, harnesses and all that jazz! The Tracy's Dog Dragon Bone Strap On Dildo with Dual Motors is completely strapless, and was made for those who want to stimulate themselves and their partner at the same time. Simply insert this bad boy, keeping it in-place with your PC muscles, then thrust into your lover, feel the strong dual vibrations, and enjoy double the amount of ecstasy.

So, lovers, couples, singletons, play partners... are you ready to turn up the heat this Valentine's Day and beyond? 

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