All-Round Pleasure: Choosing the Right Sex Kit for You

A sex kit is the perfect choice for lovers of all different kinds of stimulation, or for those who fancy giving a few new erotic bits and pieces a whirl. They are a great opportunity to try new sensations, explore different kinds of toys, thrills and frills, and to find new ways to experience sexual bliss.

So even if you already have a trusted and euphoric sex toy that gets your engine revving unlike no other, there's always room for a bit of adventurous play, right?

From anal sex kits to pegging pleasure, self-care kits for solo fun and BDSM sex kits, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

What is a Sex Kit?

What is a Sex Kit?

A sex kit is a combination of various sex toys and props, all enclosed in one gorgeous box. There are so many different sex kits available with different themes and types of stimulation, that whatever you're keen on trying or experimenting more with, there'll be a kit with your name on it.

You see, a sex kit isn't just tantalising for newbies to sex toys, they're also a way for all to try new things. Perhaps you love clitoral stimulation, but have yet to try a G-spot sex toy. A sex kit with a slew of pleasure products that target different erogenous zones for vulva owners would then be perfect!

Or perhaps you've given anal sex a go, but are now intrigued to play solo with an anal sex toy! Sex kits, therefore, are tremendously versatile and great for all kinds of individuals!

Stimulation Sex Kit

So, how do you choose the right sex kit for you? First, you could ask yourself...

What Kind of Stimulation do I Crave?

Want to get started in the world of BDSM, but in a non-threatening way? If you're unsure of different BDSM toys or props, a BDSM sex kit will give you all the basic BDSM tools to get you started! In this way, you can see what tickles your fancy, and what doesn't really float your boat.

Alternatively, is there a kind of stimulation that you've felt before, and are dying to enjoy again? Finding a sex kit that has all the erotic play products in it will allow you to dive into your pleasure slowly, whilst feeling different kinds of sensations, giving you the freedom to find the right toy that really hits the spot.

With that, by asking yourself what kind of stimulation you crave, you could choose a sex kit based on that, and see where the adventure takes you!

Here are 7 sex toys kits, each targeting different pleasure zones. What do you have your eye on?

sex toys kits

7 Sex Toy Kits for All-Round Pleasure

Anal Adventure Sex Kits

CalExotics Remote Control Anal Adventure Set

Whether you've experienced anal bliss before or not, this Remote Control Anal Adventure Sex Kit was made for the curious. It comes with an elegant butt plug as well as a cock ring, both with independent remotes. Use these sweet treats either solo, or allow your partner to take control using the remote for even more surprising euphoria.

Anal Explorer Butt Plug Kit with Douche

The perfect anal sex kit for beginners, the CalExotics Anal Explorer Kit was created with comfort in mind. It comes with three different pieces; two durable silicone probes, and a 225ml capacity douche, allowing you to get ready for all kinds of anal fun. Start off slow and steady, and work your way up to bigger climaxes at your own pace.

Jewelled Butt Plug Set

They're not just gorgeous to look at, they're also amazingly blissful to wear! The Jewelled Butt Plug Sex Kit Set comes with three black butt plugs of varying sizes, each adorned with a silver jewel on the base. And once inserted, the wearer will feel and look seductively sexy! This anal sex kit is great for newbies to anal sensations, as they can start with the smallest plug and work their way up to fuller sensations when they're ready.

Jewelled Butt Plug Set Your Pleasure Toys

Pegging Pleasure Sex Kits

Doc Johnson Strap On Pegging Set

Pegging is a fantasy (and a favourite!) for many! And there are so many reasons why it's so pleasurable. For one, it allows the wearer to experience role reversal, and two, it allows the receiver to feel new sensations, oftentimes different to what they're used to. The Doc Johnson Strap On Pegging Set comes with three different silicone attachments, all of varying sizes, a 69" harness, and 3 O-rings. That means that you can customise your pleasure and comfort, making it the perfect sex kit for newbies and regular players.

Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Strap On Dildo Set

Pegging just got a whole lot more comfy and pleasurable with the Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Strap-On Dildo Set. This is because of its Vac-U-Lock base, which allows you to thrust as hard or fast as you like without worrying about it moving or ruining a moment. This sex kit comes with a supreme harness, three different-sized dildos, three multi-sized O-rings, lube, and a toy cleaner. Everything you need for a perfect night in.

Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Strap On Dildo Set

Self-Care Sex Kits

Bijoux Indiscrets Horoscope Pleasure Box

Self-pleasure is the ultimate form of self-care, and Bijoux Indiscrets has created a self-care sex kit that's perfect for those who want to celebrate themselves. The Horoscope Pleasure Box is a personalised sex kit that comes with a gemstone necklace according to your star sign, as well as a petite and sleek finger vibrator, and a warming effect clitoral balm. Everything you need to tap into your most feminine sexual side is waiting for you in this luxurious self-care sex kit.


BDSM Sex Kits for Beginners

S&M Intro Kit for Beginners

Want to enter the world of BDSM, but not sure where to start? Start slow and tame by indulging in the S&M Intro Kit for Beginners. This BDSM sex kit is full of kinky surprises to get you started, such as pair of furry metal handcuffs, a satin blindfold, and one black whip. Toy around with sensation play and bondage with your lover, and see if the BDSM lifestyle really does tickle your fancy.

S&M Intro Kit for Beginners

So, dear reader, have you found a sex kit that you're intrigued about? Remember, sexuality is fluid and ever-changing, so there's never a bad time to start exploring new and exciting sensations!

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