It's Singles' Day! Here Are the Beautiful Benefits of Being Single!

On November 11th, singles worldwide rejoice as it's most certainly their day to shine! This day is dedicated to those who are single and fabulous, and serves as a reminder that being single is not a bad thing.

In fact there are tons of benefits, both physical and mental, that come from being a singleton! Plus you can enjoy tons of solo sex toys to make your time even more pleasurable.

So today, we're dedicating this space to all the single folk out there. We'll do this by introducing you to all of the beautiful benefits of being single!

Here's to you and all of the magical power and freedom you hold! 

When is Singles' Day

When is Singles' Day?

Every year, on November 11th, is Singles' Day! It's when those who aren't married nor in a long term relationship get to celebrate their single life as a means to overcome the stigma attached to the status. 

The truth is, not everyone is in a power couple! And while those who are sans a partner may feel left out or lonely, there are billions of single people out there, either by choice or circumstances.

And sure, it's great to be in love, and we completely encourage those who are happy with their partner to continue to shine. But at the same time, let's end the taboo that dictates that everyone should find 'the one', settle down, have babies, and live a life as a pair and not as an individual. 

The History of Singles' Day

The History of Singles' Day

Singles' Day was created in China in 1993 and is somewhat of an 'anti-Valentine's Day'. The date 11.11 was chosen because it symbolises four bare sticks (slang for being single in China). Four bare sticks thus represents a demographic of single people.

Singles' Day is quite fitting in Chinese culture, as there is an imbalance of genders due to the one-child policy and the fact that boys were valued over girls. For that reason, there are more men than women in China, leading to a culture of bachelors.

Singles' Day is also celebrated in other countries, such as the U.S., Belgium, Germany, and the U.K. 

How is Singles' Day Celebrated?

How is Singles' Day Celebrated?

There's no one way to celebrate this fun and single-friendly holiday! But some ways one may celebrate would be to:

  • Buy themselves gifts
  • Treat themselves to a solo dinner date
  • Spend a night out on the town
  • Engage in self-care rituals

Of late however, there's a growing trend associated with Singles' Day. That is, making it a shopping holiday! Similar to Black Friday and Prime Day, Singles' Day is, in some parts of the world, considered even bigger than these big retail events. 

There's a plethora of discounts available in almost all sectors, especially in China, and the west are seemingly following suit. Big western brands such as Apple, Nike, and Adidas have jumped on the Singles' Day bandwagon, offering incredible deals and discounts to Chinese and non-Chinese countries. 

12 Benefits of Being Single

12 Beautiful Benefits of Being Single

In conjunction with treating yourself, here are 12 other beautiful benefits of being single...

1. Spontaneity

Have you always wanted to visit Rome, Dubai, Mexico or Thailand? Being single means that you can, within your means, travel anytime your heart desires. Not only that, but you can do whatever you want, when you want. Fancy an impromptu night out with your friends? Want to move to a new city for a job? Feel like getting a pet? You can do it all without having to discuss it with a partner.

2. Flirting

We all hate to love that nauseating feeling of butterflies in our stomach when we meet someone we're attracted to. Flirting, whether it's face-to-face or even online, gives us a sense of pleasure and sassiness. Sometimes, it even gives us a confidence boost! And if you are looking for Mx. Right (Now) flirting is the golden ticket to becoming the next power couple.

3. Self-improvement

When you're single, you have the time to focus on yourself. You can indulge in all of the self-care rituals you so desire, such as taking up all the hot water to have a huge bubble bath with wine and a good book, do face masks with your friends or play sports. You have the power to allocate your time towards things you love, centred around yourself and your schedule, and using your hard-earned money on things such as travel adventures or spa days.

Benefits of Being Single

4. Hobbies & Passion Projects

Singletons have more time for themselves, which means that they can make a list of goals, dreams, and aspirations... and actually work towards them. Being single is the perfect time to immerse yourself into pleasure projects (always wanted to learn how to bake? Want to start skiing?). It's also a period where you can spend as much time as you like on hobbies! If you love drawing or painting, writing poetry, knitting, or sewing, there's no one demanding your time or attention.

5. Quality Time

It's true that those who are single tend to spend more time with their friends and family, and they're said to be more active in their community. Sometimes partners get jealous when their significant other wants to hang out with friends (especially those of the opposite sex), making it difficult for some to have that quality time with those who aren't their partner.

6. Peaceful Sleep

When you're single you can sprawl out across your bed, sleep as late or as little as you like, and you can go to bed and wake up whenever you like (schedule depending of course). Imagine getting cosy in your bed with a good book, watching your favourite TV show, or scrolling on your phone until you're ready to get some shut eye without someone complaining of the noise or light. Now imagine sleeping without the sound of your partner snoring, having them steal the blankets, or taking up too much space. Blissful, right?

Benefits of Being Single

7. Independence

In most cases, singletons simply have to be independent. They don't have someone who can get them out of a tricky situation, be it financially, emotionally, physically, or mentally. A singleton will learn the importance of working for themselves and providing for themselves, making them more reliable and resilient.

8. Avoid Settling

So many people tend to settle with a partner because they fear being alone. If you've chosen to be single, then you're doing the best that you can do for yourself by not settling. You deserve to be with someone who makes you feel like sunshine every single day, and if you're not getting that, it's definitely better to be single. Alone, but not lonely!

9. Goal Setting

It's the perfect time to set life goals when you're single, because you actually have the freedom to attain them. If you're looking to climb the corporate ladder, you can put in more hours at work. If you'd like to move abroad, you can set your own schedule accordingly, and make that a reality. Taking the time to sit down and set goals for yourself is the ultimate form of self-care, but be sure to make your goals attainable and realistic.

Benefits of Being Single

10. Financial Responsibility

When in a partnership, finances can be a sticky subject. Whether you're sharing an income, or have made financial goals together, it's hardly the case that one can simply keep their entire pay check and use it as and when they fancy. Being single means having more control over your finances, allowing you to spend and save according to your life goals and desires.

11. Sexual Exploration

Of course sexual exploration is possible (and encouraged!) between partners, but when you're single, you have the chance to really get to know your own body. You can try new kinds of sexual pleasure, such as using different sex toys, and feel new sensations that will prompt a more intimate relationship with yourself. Solo sexual exploration is healthy, and will also make you a better lover in the future, as you'll know exactly what you like and the different ways that will get you to your favourite kind of climax.

12. Prioritising Health

A study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family actually found that while divorced people tend to get more exercise than married people, it's actually singletons who are the most active. It was also shown that single women are less prone to calling in sick and visiting the doctor as opposed to married women. A different study, published in the Journal of Social Science & Medicine, proved that single people in nine different European countries had a lower BMI than married people, and weighed around five pounds less too!

Benefits of Being Single

In conclusion, it's only fair to say that single folk actually do have the upper hand when it comes to living their best life, wouldn't you say? So if you're single, be free and enjoy all of the perks that come with it! Happy Singles' Day!

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