How to Use, Enjoy, and Climax with a Magical Wand Vibrator

What is considered to be the world's most popular vibrator, the wand massager is an absolute enigma! A true piece of magic that, well, changed the face of pleasure as we know it... especially for women.

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You see, way back when, it was believed that women did not experience sexual desire or pleasure. They were merely there to sexually please their husbands.

Later, when a woman's sexual desire was referred to as "hysteria", they would visit the doctor's office to get themselves some much-deserved sexual relief. This included doctors using vegetable oil to massage the clitoris, which then left them with cramped and sore hands.

In need of a solution, physicians began experimenting with mechanics. Finally, in 1880, the electromechanical vibrator was invented by Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville. And so, the art of female pleasure began a delicious transformation.

Alas, the doctor's office saw fewer and fewer women, as they all began buying vibrators themselves... the start of a beautiful journey that is women's sexuality.

Cue the wand vibrator...

Wand Vibrator Your Pleasure Toys

What is a Wand Vibrator?

A wand vibrator is marketed as a massaging device for sore muscles and body aches and pains. Despite this still being the case, it's well-known that a wand vibrator is actually a sex toy. Sure, you could use it on sore muscles... or you could use it to get off (orgasming is a natural pain reliever anyway!). 

A wand vibrator is made up of a rounded vibrating ball which is attached to a handle. It gets buzzing with the help of an electronic motor (or two, depending on your wand), and these days, is usually USB-rechargeable. Back in the day however, it either had to be plugged into the wall or used with batteries.

The most well-known vibrator today is the Hitachi Magic Wand, which has been around since 1968. 

Wand Vibrator Sex and the City

The Wand Vibrator's Claim to Fame

We're not saying that the Hitachi Magic Wand gained its popularity from the infamous sitcom, Sex and the City, but it definitely did help its success.

In season five episode six, Samantha finds herself in a situation... one where her magic wand dies on her right before play time. Boldly, she goes to the store to return it.

To her surprise, the store owner proclaims that what she's holding is not, in fact, a vibrator, but a neck massager. With absolute conviction, Samantha not only argues that it's a vibrator, but also helps other women in the store to purchase their own "neck massager".

Now despite this magical device being invented some 25 years before this episode, the exposure definitely helped, with sales booming overnight.

Magic Wand Vibrators Your Pleasure Toys

7 Ways to Use a Wand Vibrator

The wand vibrator is super versatile, making it an absolute winner no matter what kind of stimulation you prefer. And because of its versatility, there are a number of different ways to use it!

1. Body Massage

For the intent it was supposedly created, use your favourite wand vibrator to massage sore or tired muscles, or to get a bit of pain relief when you need it most.

2. Tease Lesser-Known Erogenous Zones

There are so many lesser-known erogenous zones, like the nape of the neck, the inner thighs, behind the knees... grab your wand vibrator and get yourself warmed up by caressing these hot spots.

3. Couples Play

Take turns to massage each other on the spots you find most relaxing or arousing. A massage can be a very sensual experience, as touch is one of the most powerful senses. Change it up by using your wand or a sensual massage oil to tease and please your partner. 

4. Nipple Stimulation

When a woman's nipples are stimulated, the same region of the brain is activated as when her clitoris is. That means that the nipples are definitely a sweet spot to increase arousal. With a wand vibrator, you can tease the nipples to heighten your sexual bliss before going downtown. 

5. Clitoral Stimulation

The majority of women require some kind of clitoral stimulation in order to climax. And a wand vibrator provides a less intense, broader kind of stimulation. This is great as it can help to get the blood flowing, and bring you to orgasm at your own pace, vibrational speed and pressure. 

6. Shaft & Scrotum Stimulation

A wand vibrator isn't just for her! It can be used to stimulate the shaft, the scrotum, and or the underside of the penis for an absolutely thrilling foreplay ride. This could be during solo fun, or with a partner. Add in a bit of oral at the same time, and he'll be in seventh heaven. 

7. Perineum Stimulation

The perineum is the space between the vaginal opening and the anus in women, and the scrotum and the anus in men. This area is rife with nerve endings, making it a huge pleasure zone to stimulate with a wand vibrator.

7 Ways to Use a Wand Vibrator

3 Wand Vibrators You'll Love

And now that you know all about where the wand vibrator came from, how it got its claim to fame, and different ways to enjoy it, we've got three sexy wand vibrators that are complete panty-droppers...

Ready for a new adventure?

Vush Majesty 2 Wand Vibrator

Vush Majesty 2 Wand Vibrator

Vush is brand that's all about self-love. And to own the Vush Majesty 2 Wand Vibrator is the best way to get that "in-love-with-yourself-feeling".

While the majority of wand vibrators are not made for internal use, this beauty can be enjoyed either externally or internally. It's made of luscious silicone, and is pure magic, encapsulated.

Mini Wand Vibrating Massager

YPT Wand Vibrator

Forget long cords and clumpy toys, the YPT Wand Vibrator is a small yet powerful work of art, ready to get your motor revving any time. And because of its small size, you can make it your new travel buddy!

Melt away into a moment of bliss, either on land or in water, as this beaut is waterproof! Who knew that something so petite could make you feel like a million bucks?

Lelo Smart Wand 2 Vibrator

Lelo Smart Wand 2 Vibrator


This gorgeous and sleek premium wand vibrator is not just a treat to look at, coming in three sweet and sensual pastel colours! It's also a pleasure product that induces magic in the sheets! 

This large sleek, sexy, smart wand is the without a doubt, the ultimate foreplay toy! Experience unparalleled relaxation as you indulge with the world’s most luxurious smart wand vibrator. 

The Lelo Smart Wand features an updated design and offers ten different massage patterns to help soothe sore muscles, relieve stress and sexual tension. The steadier handle and even longer-lasting charge means you can enjoy hours upon hours of pleasure.

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