Take a Peek at Our Latest Tracy's Dog Sex Toys

Enter the world of Tracy's Dog, a sex toy company that's taken the world by storm with fan favourites such as the Tracy's Dog Clitoral Suction Vibrator. This clitoral sex toy has become so popular, in fact, that it quickly soared to Amazon's best seller list, with reviews that made it near impossible not to purchase.

But this isn't the only Tracy's Dog sex toy that's absolutely brimming with orgasmic potential. And guess what? We have new Tracy's Dog sex toys for you to take a peek at! Exciting, isn't it?

Tracy's Dog Sex ToysNew Tracy's Dog Sex Toys

Most people use the phrase "out with the old and in with the new," but actually, it's hard to admit this when it comes to Tracy's Dog. Their new sex toys are delicious, yes, but their original and older toys are just as transcendent, so we're actually big advocates of their entire range.

Having said that, we're still here to pay homage to their new sex toys, so that you can get a little virtual tour of what they've been up to lately and how it can get you even more sexually excited.

But first, a lil' history on the brand, Tracy's Dog.

Who is Tracy's Dog?

Many people ask the question, why is this sex toy brand called "Tracy's Dog"?. It doesn't sound very sexy nor erotic, right? Well, there is actually a bit of logic behind the name. 

The company itself explains their name by saying:

"As we all know, dogs are known to be faithful and loyal companions."

Because of this, they decided to design toys that are loyal to your intimate desires, and that are always ready for action. Makes sense?

This sex toy brand started off solely focusing on vulva owners' pleasure, but soon realised that men were interested in buying sex toys for themselves too. So, they got to work and now are a successful sex toy company that caters to all bodies. In their own words, "We believe that sexual wellness has no gender". Forward and open-minded thinking, we love it!

From solo toys to couples pleasure products, Tracy's Dog never seems to disappoint, and we can attest to that being a proud reseller of this magnificent brand.

And now, let's get into the good stuff! That is, an introduction to new Tracy's Dog sex toys! Looking for something daringly seductive to play with? Want to go on a new adventure alone or with your lover? There are, indeed, some glorious toys in store for you...

Genderless Sex Toys Tracy's Dog

7 of the Latest Sex Toys from Tracy's Dog

Tracy's Dog Clitoral Sex Toys

1. Tracy's Dog Mr Duckie Suction Vibrator

Tracy's Dog Mr Duckie Suction Vibrator

A cute and inconspicuous design makes Mr Duckie a toy you'll love to have around. It's small, petite, and adorable, and looks like a real rubber ducky you'd pop into your bath tub! But the engineering behind this "cute" toy is rather racy.

You see, Mr Duckie uses glorious suction actions on your clitoris, similar to that of oral sex, giving you the chance to feel all kinds of orgasmic bliss. It's made of soft silicone, can go underwater for 30 minutes, is USB-rechargeable, and comes with seven different levels of intensity.

For those about to embark on all kinds of pleasure with Mr Duckie from Tracy's Dog, we're absolutely jealous!

2. Tracy's Dog Suction Massager PCat Vibrator

Tracy's Dog Suction Massager PCat Vibrator

Ready to have your world turned upside down? The PCat Suction Massager proves that dynamite comes in small packages! It's a wondrous clitoral stimulation sex toy from Tracy's Dog that uses sonic waves and pulsations, giving you all those good feels on your sweet spot.

It's waterproof, USB-rechargeable, comes with 10 different vibration modes and settings, and gives you to option to choose between three different colours: teal, purple, or pink!

Customise your next best orgasm with a sex toy that's compact, portable, and oh-so-pleasurable.

3. Tracy's Dog Rose Toy Vibrator

Tracy's Dog Rose Toy Vibrator

You've surely seen or heard about this adorable-looking sex toy somewhere before, be it on social media, or via word of mouth. This is because it's actually rocked the world's of vulva owners near and far! 

The Tracy's Dog Rose Toy Vibrator is so gorgeous in design, mimicking an actual rose, that you'll be proud to have it on or in your nightstand. It works powerfully, and quietly, while offering you seven different suction modes.

What do we mean by "suction"? This heavenly creation sucks gently (or more intensely, depending on your preference) on your clitoris, kind of like an oral sex experience, stimulating all of your 8,000 nerve endings. The result? Beautiful orgasms on the regular!

4. Tracy's Dog Blowy 2 in 1 Clitoral Vibrator

Tracy's Dog Blowy 2 in 1 Clitoral Vibrator

Oh hey there, modest-looking sex toy made to rile up vulva owners! The Tracy's Dog Blowy 2 in 1 Clitoral Vibrator may look innocent and small in stature, but really, it can take you from zero to hero in a matter of minutes. 

How does it work? On one end you have a suction function, so you can allow it to gently suckle on your clitoris for dreamy sensations and ultimate fireworks. Or, you could use the other end, which has a tongue-like function, licking you at a high speed for intense and blissful orgasms. 

It's waterproof, USB-rechargeable, and has two buttons that offer you the chance to change up the intensity to enjoy whatever it is your heart, and your loins, desire.

Tracy's Dog Dual Stimulation Sex Toys

5. Tracy's Dog G-Spot Suction Rabbit Vibrator

Tracy's Dog G-Spot Suction Rabbit Vibrator

A fine-looking rabbit vibrator is here to not only give you all kinds of orgasms, but also to tease and please two of your erogenous zones, namely: your G-spot and your clitoris... at the same time! But actually, it's considered a 3 in 1! Let us tell you why...

This dual stimulation sex toy from Tracy's Dog was made with sheer precision and hard work to effectively give you two kinds of euphoric sensations without any fuss. It gives you incredible G-spot pleasure with its carefully-crafted tip and ridges, and then has the power to stimulate your clitoris using either its suction capabilities or its petite yet powerful "rabbit ears". 

It comes in a gorgeous purple colour, has 14 different pleasure settings, is waterproof, and USB-rechargeable. What more could you ask for!

Tracy's Dog Couples Sex Toys

6. Tracy's Dog OG Air 2 Suction Vibrator with Remote

Tracy's Dog OG Air 2 Suction Vibrator with Remote

Just as we mentioned the Clitoral Suction Vibrator at the beginning of this article, the Tracy's Dog OG Air 2 Suction Vibrator with Remote is an excellent way to involve your partner in your lustful adventures.

With its handy remote, you can pass on your pleasure to your lover, and have them control all your surprising and sensual sensations! Wear it in public or at home, and allow yourself to let go while giving the reins to someone else.

This treat has 10 different internal vibrations modes, 10 external suctions levels, a smooth and soft exterior made of silicone, and is waterproof for a splash of fun. 

7. Tracy's Dog Finger Vibrator (Finga)

Tracy's Dog Finger Vibrator (Finga)

Get intimate either solo or with a partner with Finga, a finger vibrator from Tracy's Dog. It's super easy to use, coming with a loop in which to place your finger, and allows for some seriously seductive internal play when you crave it most.

And if it's couples play you're after, it comes with a wireless remote control, so you can have your lover take over your pleasure when the mood strikes.

It's got a ridged tip to reach your sexy spot, is waterproof, made of smooth silicone, comes with nine vibration modes, and a magnetic charging port. It's also small, making it an excellent travel companion.

And so, after a little gander at all the new Tracy's Dog sex toys, is there one or more that have tickled your fancy? Go on, treat yourself!

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