13 Foreplay Tips That'll Drive Her Wild in the Bedroom!

Unfortunately, foreplay is often forgotten when it comes to intimacy. But actually, foreplay may just be the most important part! This is especially true for her, as women often need mental stimulation in order to get physically aroused.

Indeed, the orgasm gap is very real and we need to do everything we can to close it. In fact, a study revealed that only six percent of women reach orgasm through penis-vagina penetration. Isn't that simply crazy?

So why not incorporate new ways of getting her off in the bedroom by taking advantage of these 13 foreplay tips for her? After all, seeing your partner riled up with sexual energy is entirely sexy and will make for better penetration and beyond for both!

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Foreplay Tips For Her

13 Foreplay Tips for Her

Whether you usually skip past foreplay, or you're a fan of it, there's always room for improvement or to change things up. And while the majority of couples go for the usual foreplay routines, such as giving and receiving oral sex, kissing, and cuddling, there are so many other ways to enjoy foreplay.

So, let's help you get her all revved up for all kinds of delicious erotica with these 13 foreplay tips for her that'll drive her wild in the bedroom. Ready? Let's go!

13 foreplay tips

1. Prepare Your Space

Create a beautiful scene that stimulates all of the five senses for her. You could dress up your room or space with candles or use a dim light to create a sexy atmosphere. And don't forget about the power of scent! There are some aphrodisiac scents that were made for couples to enhance their levels of relaxation and arousal, and create a sensual yet sexy space. Things such as lavender induces calmness, which is important for her before sex. Vanilla is also a scent that's dreamy and sweet, so look into essential oils, scented candles, or massage oils with these scents. Then, of course, you could gift her with roses, use rose petals, and fill the space with music that makes her feel special. 

2. Slow and Steady

Foreplay is never a race. And it's not just a few activities that couples do before they go for p-in-v penetration either. It's a process. When you take things slow, it gives both partners the opportunity to gain anticipation and make you crave one another even more. Start with slow kissing, and sensual touches that aren't erogenous zones. Or, you could even start your bout of foreplay before you've even met for your tryst (see number 8).

3. Lesser Known Erogenous Zones

When we think about erogenous zones, we often think of the genitals. The clitoris, the G-spot, the nipples, the shaft and balls, sometimes anal fun. But actually, there are so many other erogenous zones that are just as capable of getting you hot and bothered. For example, the scalp is full of nerve endings, so a gentle head massage could be an excellent idea to get started. The ears too are super sensitive, as they're full of sensory receptors. Kiss, lick, bite, or even whisper into her ears as a way of getting things started.

4. Ask and You Shall Receive

Sometimes, the best way to get the most out of any situation, would be to simply ask someone what they want. Your partner knows her body better than anyone, so she knows what will drive her wild! Take the time to listen or watch her as she shows you what makes her aroused. And it doesn't hurt to ask her questions during foreplay to ensure that's she's having a great time. Questions such as: "Does this feel good?" or "Tell me what you want!" could work like a charm.

Female Pleasure Foreplay Ideas

5. Change is as Good as a Holiday

Perhaps you're stuck in a bit of a rut because your intimacy takes place in the same place every single time, such as the bedroom and on the bed. But as they say, change is as good as a holiday! You could try some foreplay in other rooms of the house, or even enjoy a bit of a staycation where you rent a hotel room in your city. And, if you're bold and ready for an adventure, why not go on a holiday somewhere romantic?

6. Get Sexy!

There are so many ways to get your blood pumping when it comes to dressing up. Ask your partner what they'd love to see you in, such as a robe or sexy underwear and allow them to really look, touch, and play with you. At the same time, women feel at their most confident when they look their best. Treat her to a sexy piece of lingerie that she feels amazing in, and that in itself, is a great form of foreplay.

7. Experiment with Different Roles

Role playing is so wonderfully diverse, and you can be anything you want to be. Use your imagination and tap into your fantasies to create new personas when you're ready to get intimate, and enjoy the process of letting go for the evening. There are mainstream roles, such as a sexy nurse or fire fighter, or lesser known roles, such as anime characters or even alien role play. Whatever floats your boat!

8. Add Sex Toys into the Fun

Sex toys were made for one purpose: to create intense sessions of pleasure. There are so many different types of sex toys available, so when you know what kind of stimulation your partner likes, you could opt for a sex toy that'll raise her libido and even get her to Orgasm Land with ease. It could be a clitoral suction toy, a rabbit vibrator, a bullet vibe, or even a wand massager. And what's great about a wand massager is that both partners can use it!

Foreplay for Women

9. Sexting Love Letters

Did you know that you can actually begin your foreplay adventures before you've even met? Sexting in the form of texts or even handwritten letters is such a personable and intimate way to reveal all of the things you're dying to do with and to each other. Tell her how much you adore her, talk about her beautiful soul and beautiful body, and then whisk her away with all kinds of dirty and flirty words.

10. Sensual Massages FTW

A massage encompasses many of the five senses, and when those are stimulated, there's power to have the best possible couples session. Touch is such an intimate form of foreplay, especially when done slowly yet erotically. And if you opt for a scented massage oil, it'll create an even sexier energy. You could even choose to get an edible massage oil, giving you and her the chance to taste something delicious during your foreplay.

11. Mutual Masturbation

Because we know our bodies best, watching one another in action is the best way to learn what they like and what drives them wild! Ask your partner to teach you their best masturbation technique, and take mental notes (or handwritten notes if you need). Practice makes perfect, and when you can give her exactly what she can give herself, then you'll definitely be in her good books.

12. Talk About Your Fantasies

Talking about or even engaging in fantasies are an excellent way to escape the drudgery of life, and to try something new. Perhaps you're both wanting to try sex in public, for example, but have yet to do it. For this kind of fantasy fulfilment, communication is key. Talk to your partner in a loving way without judgement, and perhaps you may find that you have a few fantasies in common.

Give Her Better Foreplay

13. Learn Her Anatomy

Last but certainly not least, the female anatomy is not rocket science, but... everyone is different. So before you dive in without any technique, rhyme or reason, learn about the different parts of her body. The clitoris, for example, is full of nerve endings, making it the perfect spot to stimulate. The G-spot too is a sexy spot inside her vagina, about two to three inches inside. Learn about these spots and different ways to stimulate them.

Ready to enjoy an adventure full of foreplay fun? Date night can get exceedingly hotter with these 13 tips, so go ahead and enjoy them... you both deserve it.

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