15 Tips on How You Can Spice Up Your Sex Life Today!

If you're currently in a long term relationship, you may be looking back on those days where you and your partner couldn't keep your hands off of each other. It was as if the world was on fire with passionate lust and you couldn't wait to get down and dirty with the object of your affection.

But, in the natural order of things, as time goes by, things become more tame, relaxed, and perhaps less exciting. This is normal, yes! But it doesn't have to be! In fact, there are a number of different ways that you can spice up your sex life!

Sex Life

One suggestion? Add a sassy sex toy to your play time! Take a peek at our latest sex toys here for a bit of inspiration.

Or, if you're searching for something a little different, allow us to inspire you with 15 ways to re-light that sexual fire!

15 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life Today!

From role playing, a touch of light BDSM, toys, and new locations, to different positions, masturbation tips, sexting, and more, we've got a slew of erotic ideas to spice up your sex life.

1. Have an Affair (Not a Real One!)

The art of roleplaying has a ton of benefits! It not only allows you to use your imagination, but can also be a way in which to fulfil your fantasies. With that, why not take on the role of someone else for a night? Perhaps you're a single lady/lad enjoying a quiet drink at a dim-lit bar when a perfect stranger (your partner) approaches you? Or maybe you're late on your rent and you and your landlord come up with a creative way to pay up! This is the perfect opportunity to try something new, even if it may feel a little strange at first.

2. Something Old, Something New

Your relationship may be somewhat old, but that doesn't mean you can't get it on somewhere new! Why not book a nice hotel for a night and enjoy the rush of hotel sex? Or perhaps you've always wanted to feel the thrill of doing it in a private yet public space? Changing locations is as good as a holiday, they say!

Hotel Sex

3. New Positions

Tired of the same position? Shake things up! Have you ever tried the reverse cowgirl? The Wheelbarrow? Spooning Sex? How about studying the art of the Kama Sutra? The way in which two people can connect during lovemaking is seemingly endless, and there are so many different ways for both of you to experience even stronger and more powerful trysts.

4. Mutual Masturbation

You know what you like, and your partner knows what they like, right? Why not make it a sexy school day and teach each other the tricks to heightened pleasure? By that we mean, mutual masturbation! Grab your favourite toy or your hand and give your partner a show! This will not only aid in better foreplay to come, but will also be entirely arousing for both partners.

Mutual Masturbation

5. Sex Toys for Couples

There are so many delicious pleasure products made for couples! Take a journey to discovering your favourite kind of stimulation, and enjoy a ride that's buzzing with sexual tension. For example, a penis ring can be worn by him and gives both you and your partner that extra oomph! Or, a sex toy worn by her during penetration will allow for an additional vibe, perfect for massive orgasms.

6. Sexting!

Sexting is the new black, and it's so simple to do. In fact, to sext is a great form of foreplay! Why not send your partner a text while they're at work or out and about, and gently begin teasing them. Tell them what you're wearing, what you want to do with them, and how it turns you on. This will undoubtedly get both of you riled up and ready for some sexy loving later on.


7. Magical Massage

There's immense power in touch, and when we add an element of erotica into the picture, well it's the sexiest kind of foreplay! Start by innocently massaging your partner, slowly working your way up to their sweet spots. You could even add in a wand vibrator for an extra body massage, or sensual warming massage oil.

8. Erotic Entertainment

It's not for everyone, but if you're both up for it, why not watch an adult film together? While there is a lot of male-centred porn out there, there too is a rising number of female erotica that focuses on slow and sensual climaxing. You could even reenact the scenes as you watch them!

Erotic Entertainment

9. Minus a Sense

Lose all sense of yourself in the moment by using a blindfold! This BDSM prop is a gentle way in which to experience something new and naughty, and will add an element of surprise and sexual buildup. It's also a great aid for those who feel self-conscious in the bedroom, as they can blindfold their partner!

10. Mirror, Mirror

There's something entirely euphoric about watching oneself during the height of pleasure! So why not set up a mirror for both of you to admire your big 'O' face? It's like making your own porno in real life, and can definitely add to your levels of arousal.

Mirror Sex

11. Luscious Lingerie

When we feel sexy, we exude sexiness. Which is why wearing an outfit or piece of lingerie that is totally erotic and gorgeous can heighten confidence and arousal! You could even do a little dance or strip tease for your partner.

12. Play a Sexy Game

Forget Monopoly or Cluedo, give an adult erotic game a go! These are made for couples who want to spice up their sex life, and enjoy the act of foreplay and lovemaking. Indulge in cheeky and saucy prompts to ask and act out, eradicating all boredom!

You & Me Sex Game

13. Sex Bucket List

Surely there's something you've always wanted to try in the bedroom! And the same goes for your partner. So why not create a sex bucket list! Of course, any idea can be vetoed at any time, but once you've crafted a list of your fantasies and both partners are on-board, you've got yourself a slew of exciting and erotic new sexual activities to enjoy ticking off.

14. Explore Submissiveness and Dominance

Have you ever wanted to be more submissive or dominant in the bedroom? For many, taking on either role offers a few benefits! For example, for high powered individuals, being submissive allows them to relax and let go for a while. This could be as simple as one partner taking the lead, or it could include a few sexy props such as handcuffs.


15. Dirty Talk

Sometimes a little dirty talk can go a long way in the bedroom! It need not be too intense if it feels intimidating. You could simply ask your partner what they want or how they feel (and vice versa). If you're feeling daring, add more saucy vocabulary and design an evening full of your deepest desires.

Have you found the perfect way to start your journey to a spicier sex life? All of these ideas are fun, flirty, and simple, and can be adapted to your style, needs, and wants! Go ahead, go on an adventure!

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