Meet Our Trendy & Best Selling Sex Toys

As much as we may not like to admit it, many of us do actually like to keep up with the trends and be in-the-know when it comes to popular and best selling things.

Quite honestly, there's nothing wrong with that! it's simply a case of curiosity! And at Your Pleasure Toys, we're all about indulging in and satisfying our curiosities!

On a different note, things become best sellers for a reason, right? So while compiling this list of our trendy and best selling sex toys, we made sure to include the top six best sellers, all with glowing reviews.

Essentially, you'll experience all bliss whilst having peace of mind that you're in good hands (and good company) with any one of these luscious best selling sex toys.

Or, if you fancy, why not get in touch with us so we can advise you on a pleasure product you'll absolutely love?

Trendy Best Selling Sex Toys

Keeping Up With the Trends: Want the Best Selling Sex Toy?

So, you're all about keeping up with trends, hey? Or you simply like to know what's going on in the world, what's selling like hot cakes, where people are getting their favourite products from, etc. Well then, we've definitely got a treat for you.

And whether you're here simply to have a gander, or you're ready to buy yourself one of our best selling sex toys, you'll be overcome with a slew of lustful and arousing sensations. These bad boys were made for all kinds of adventures!

Which Brand Sells the Best Selling Sex Toys?

At Your Pleasure Toys, Tracy's Dog, without a doubt, is the best selling sex toy brand! And with good reason! This delicious brand has gone from strength to strength, and continue to out-beat themselves with every new toy they bring out.

Not just that, but the reviews speak for themselves. With excellent ratings across the board, a Tracy's Dog sex toy will always be a trusted and sensual companion during solo or partnered play. Which is why most of our best selling sex toys belong to the brand, Tracy's Dog!

Despite that, we've also include a couple of other brands that's been all the buzz here at Your Pleasure Toys. With our handy guide, we hope you're ready to embark on some seriously sexy stimulation!

Which Brand Sells the Best Selling Sex Toys?

Our Top 6 Best Selling Sex Toys

1. Happy Rabbit Remote Control Ring

This nifty, cute, and sexual couples toy was made for him, but enjoyed by both. It's a penis ring that slides over his shaft and has two adorable rabbit ears that tease and please her, inducing incredible clitoral stimulation.

But that's not the only benefit of the Happy Rabbit Remote Control Ring! You see, when worn by him, he'll bask in harder and stronger erections, which will enhance your trysts. And because there's a small yet powerful motor in this best selling sex toy, both partners will experience either gentle or intense buzzes of bliss whilst being passionately intertwined during penetrative sex.

Happy Rabbit Remote Control Ring

2. Tracy's Dog Suction Vibrator OG Air 2 Suction Vibrator with Remote

The absolute best selling sex toy at Your Pleasure Toys is the Tracy's Dog Suction Vibrator OG! And while there are so many toys on the market today that function and appear similar to this one, the OG will totally knock your socks off!

We aren't sure what kind of magic has been added to the OG... all we do know is, users of this number one best selling sex toy absolutely rave about it! If you're looking for a dual vibrator that'll stimulate your clitoris and your G-spot with a heavenly touch, then the OG is a must! You'll be floating away on a sensual and erotic pink cloud in no time, that's for sure.

Tracy's Dog Suction Vibrator OG Air 2 Suction Vibrator with Remote

3. Rose Vibrator

If you're a lover of trends, you have undoubtedly heard of the Sucking Rose Vibrator. This petite, gorgeous, and innocent-looking vibrator is an absolute treasure, as it not only gets you off hard and fast, but is also travel-friendly and budget-friendly!

This slice of bliss suckles on your sweet spot until you're ready to be overcome with an intense orgasm. It's easy to hold, whisper quiet, made of body-safe silicone, and is IPX7 waterproof. Yay for bath time bliss, right?

Rose Vibrator

4. Tracy's Dog G-Spot Vibrator

The glorious G-spot is a zone that all vulva-owners need to play with! And doing so has been made super easy with the Tracy's Dog G-Spot Vibrator! This sleek, soft, and luxurious best selling sex toy is so simple and elegant, yet so powerful and mighty.

Do you fancy reaching that beautiful erogenous zone using a sex toy that's been crafted to fit all the curves of you body? And do you want an added touch of sensuality that is its heating ability? Enjoy this waterproof beauty and all of its 10 vibration modes in all its glory, you'll thank us later!

Tracy's Dog G-Spot Vibrator

5. Tracy's Dog Dual Vibrator Suction Vibe

Have your cake and eat it! The Tracy's Dog G-Spot Vibrator is actually a game changer, as it offers you multiple ways to stimulate your sweet spots. On one end, you have a ridged G-spot vibrator that you can insert with ease, and enjoy delightful vibrations whenever you're in the mood for some sexy self-care. On the other end, you're gifted with a suction vibrator that feels like bliss on your most erotic spot. 

Then, if it's more general stimulation you're after, simply put on the removable sleeve, which will turn the suction vibe into a wand-like vibrator. Use it on erogenous zones, sore and aching muscles, or during sassy bouts of foreplay!

Tracy's Dog Dual Vibrator Suction Vibe

6. Tracy's Dog Blowy 2-in-1 Clitoral Vibrator

A 2-in-1 piece of sheer luxury, the Tracy's Dog Blowy is petite yet powerful! It fits so effortlessly in your hand that it's hard to believe just how erotic and climax-inducing it is!

One one end, you can bask in the sensation of sweet suckles on your sweet spot, as it's a suction clitoral vibrator. And on the other end, you can enjoy the tongue-like action it provides, similar to that of oral sex. Allow this licking and sucking vibrator to transcend you to new heights of pleasure, you won't regret it. 

Tracy's Dog Blowy 2-in-1 Clitoral Vibrator

Ready to jump on the trendy train and indulge in one of those best selling sex toys? We're just as excited as you are! 

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