Unique Sex Toys for Adventurous Lovers

When we say 'unique sex toys' we don't mean weird or an eyesore. We simply want to introduce you to the kinds of sex toys you don't often see on the virtual shelves of sex toy shops (or in-store). 

So, while we do love mainstream toys that do a gorgeous job, like rabbit vibrators or bullet vibes, we want to take you on a journey so that you can discover new waves of pleasure.

Whether you're looking for a new sensation, or a toy that's cute, interesting, or adorable-looking, there's something in this list for you!

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Unique Sex Toys

All About Unique Sex Toys!

Question: are you the type of person who wants to venture out a bit, try something new, and have a toy that's beautifully unique as a means to change things up?

Then we're so excited to tell you all about six of our favourite unique sex toys that were made for the bold, seductively daring, and inquisitive. But first, a little background information...

What Makes These 6 Sex Toys Unique?

Each of these six toys have been meticulously chosen because they're wonderfully unique. We've rounded up our top six unique sex toys because of one or more special features.

For example, some of them are adorably enchanting, a few have unique shapes or functions, and others are luxuriously erotic. Either way, they're all unique and sexually satisfying in their own way.

Unique Sex Toy

 Why Having Unique Sex Toys is Actually the Best

Many of us have one or two trusted sex toys in our nightstand. The average clitoral stimulation toy, wand massager, or G-spot vibrator that looks similar to every other pleasure product on the market. There's nothing wrong with that! These toys are popular for a reason.

But to own unique sex toys means that you're willing to colour outside of the lines! It's the ability to go on a sexual adventure, either solo or with a partner, to find different ways to climax. Or, at the very least, you'd just like to own a sex toy that has a different aesthetic.

All of these are valid reasons why owning a unique sex toy is actually the best. 

Ready to meet our top six?

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Unique Sex Toys for Adventurous Lovers

Tracy's Dog Mr Duckie Suction Vibrator

What makes this sex toy so unique? Well, just take a look at it! It's so adorably darling, with an innocent and inconspicuous design, one may never believe that it's brimming with such great orgasmic potential. In fact, it doesn't even look like a suction vibrator!

You'll also love this vibe because it works by mimicking the sensations experienced during oral sex. And it's waterproof, so you can have that sensual rub-a-dub-dub whenever the mood strikes.

Tracy's Dog Mr Duckie Suction Vibrator

U-Shaped Lesbian Vibrator

Lesbian vibrators are usually quite noticeable, and perhaps even in-you-face. But this U-Shaped Lesbian Vibrator is discreet, small in size, and ready for all kinds of partnered play.

This unique sex toy comes with two motors, so both lovers can get off with the same sexy sensations, and it's flexible enough to find that perfect fit. Also, no partner? No problem! You can use this toy solo, making it a heck of a lot of fun, regardless of the occasion.

U-Shaped Lesbian Vibrator

Tracy's Dog Rogue Rabbit Clitoral Stimulator

Enjoy the unique and tantalising effects of the Rogue Rabbit, that, in actuality, isn't a rabbit vibe at all. Truthfully, it's more of a butterfly, with its ability to flutter gently or more intensely against your sweet spot.

This clitoral stimulator is larger than your average sex toy, making it much easier to hold, and vibrates gorgeously at one of 10 different modes. There's nothing but bliss waiting for you with this naughty Rogue Rabbit. 

Tracy's Dog Rogue Rabbit Clitoral Stimulator

Tracy's Dog Miss Kitty Suction Vibrator

Another adorably sweet-looking and inconspicuous unique sex toy! The Tracy's Dog Miss Kitty Suction Vibrator allows you to indulge in your more sexual side without feeling intimidated by large, phallic-like, and/or complicated toys. 

Basically, its charming kitty exterior will win over your heart, but its erotic and sexual capabilities will definitely win over your sweet spot! Also, you can play nice with Miss Kitty in the bathtub if you so wish, making solo self-care even more seductive.

Tracy's Dog Miss Kitty Suction Vibrator

So! Now that we've indulged in some of our unique sex toys here at Your Pleasure Toys, tell us: what makes you delightfully unique?

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