Buy a New Pleasure Toy for Yourself (or Your Partner) Online!

Buying a new pleasure toy is never a bad idea! Even if you thought you've found the best sex toy since sliced bread, there's always room to achieve even bigger and better states of sexual bliss!

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You see, not only is sex tech advancing every single day, but our bodies are capable of magical and intense sensations. We have the power and freedom to explore ourselves intimately, either solo or with a partner, and by doing this, we will continue to find new pleasure zones and ways to enjoy stronger orgasms. 

And while you could go to a sex toy shop in-person, buying sex toys online is actually a hell of a lot easier. In fact, there are dozens of reasons why buying sex toys online as opposed to in-store is a good idea.

Buying a new sex toy

The Pros of Buying Pleasure Toys Online


Searching online to find the perfect sex toy is a discrete way in which to find your euphoria. And if you're the type who's shy or a bit nervous to go into a store, you have the luxury of remaining anonymous during your online browsing experience. You have the ability to look freely, without any added pressure of an assistant asking to help you or make a sale, and if something strikes your fancy, you can buy it discretely and privately.

Thorough Information 

While you can, of course, ask a sex toy employee questions about sex toys in-store, some may find it intimidating. Perhaps you have a long list of questions or concerns, but don't want to appear bothersome. The thing about buying sex toys online is that you have the ability to read up about each toy in detail. And if your chosen sex toy shop doesn't answer your question(s), you can simply email them or find a different online store that does have your answers. 

The Art of Time

Enjoy shopping for sex toys for as long as you like! When you visit a sex toy store, spending hours browsing and trying to find the right pleasure product may be a bit daunting. Most of us also don't like to appear as though we're wasting an employee's time when in-store for long periods of time. When you choose to buy sex toys online, you can indulge for as long or as little as you wish. You can also spend days or even weeks going back to the site before you commit to buying!

A Form of Foreplay

 If you and your partner are looking for a new muse to use in the bedroom, shopping online can actually be a form of foreplay. Get cosy and browse together, looking at the various options either for solo or partnered play, and get yourselves all riled up with excitement. Then, once you've ordered your new toy, you can eagerly await its arrival, like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. As they say, good things come to those who wait.


Deal do exist in-store, of course, but with the added benefit of social media, you can catch and find out about all kinds of deals, discounts, competitions, and specials. It's a much easier and more fun way to get your new favourite love toy at a fraction of the price. With that, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to take advantage of our deals!

Bigger Selection of Toys

A physical store only has a certain amount of space to display and sell their toys. When you choose to buy pleasure toys online, there are seemingly limitless options to choose from. At Your Pleasure Toys, we're continuously adding new sexy products to our virtual shelves so that you can get off in style however you deserve to be pampered.

The Pros of Buying Sex Toys Online

Buy Pleasure Toys Online

Want to buy pleasure toys online, but not sure which one to go for? We've got you! We're so excited to introduce you to our newest sex toys from both LELO and CalExotics.

Both of these sex toy brands are incredibly well-known and popular in the sex toy industry... and they're continuing to push the limits when it comes to sexual satisfaction.

But before we indulge in their beautiful and erotic toys, let's meet the brands!


LELO is one of the leading sex toy companies in the world (with many awards to their name), and was created in 2013 by three designers. They're based in Sweden, and offer a carefully-curated line of luxurious sex toys based on quality and uniqueness. Today, individuals all over the world are experiencing their biggest and best orgasms thanks to this incredible lifestyle brand.


Going strong since 1994, CalExotics has a range of pleasure products for all, and are a multi-award winning brand, selling their magical toys worldwide. The founder, Susan Colvin, has worked hard, since day one, to move away from the male-dominated sex toy industry in order to create and sell toys in a sensual, more feminine way, that are perfect for all bodies.

Buy Sex Toys Online

Grab a New Pleasure Toy for Yourself (or Your Partner)!

LELO Smart Wand 2 Wand Vibrator

LELO Smart Wand 2 Wand Vibrator

A lavish and incredibly magical pleasure product that's perfect for solo play or partnered fun! You'll adore this wand vibrator as it can not only stimulate your sweet spots, but can also be used for sexy bouts of foreplay all over the body. This work of art can be enjoyed by anyone, feels like royalty in your hand, and is a fantastic way to get your motor revving. 

LELO SONA Cruise 2 Clitoral Stimulator

LELO SONA Cruise 2 Clitoral Stimulator

The award-winning LELO SONA Cruise 2 is a personal favourite for many vulva owners across the world. It's a powerful clitoral suction stimulator, and uses sonic waves to stimulate all of the clitoris. It also spoils its users with Cruise Control which means that, no matter how much pressure you use, this beauty will continue to deliver strong and delicious stimulation.

CalExotics Empowered Smart Pleasure Queen Tongue Suction Vibrator

CalExotics Empowered Smart Pleasure Queen Tongue Suction Vibrator

Give your sweet spot some extra love with a suction clit toy that not only suckles, but also licks. It's like receiving oral sex 2.0, and will fill you with arousal and sheer lust. It's gorgeously sleek, petite yet powerful. This luscious toy is a 3-in-1, so you can enjoy your pleasure however you want it, when you want it. Who is it for? Those who love all kinds of clitoral stimulation!

CalExotics Empowered Smart Pleasure Idol Clitoral Suction Stimulator

CalExotics Empowered Smart Pleasure Idol Clitoral Suction Stimulator

Grab this beauty for hours and hours of sexual ecstasy! It uses smart technology so once you've found your very best setting, you can pick up right where you left off! It's a clitoral suction sex toy that prompts new kinds of exploration with a combination of 12 different suction and vibration modes. In short, it'll look simply gorgeous in your nightstand and even more seductive on your sweet spot.

CalExotics Empowered Palm Pleasure Goddess Clitoral Suction Stimulator

CalExotics Empowered Palm Pleasure Goddess Clitoral Suction Stimulator

Feel unwavering power in the palm of your hand, this small yet mighty pleasure product was made for those who want to enjoy pleasure at home or on-the-go! It's so petite in fact, you can pop it into your travel bag or purse whenever you fancy it! It works by sucking on and vibrating against your clitoris until you reach your well-deserved firework-inducing release.

So, let's go on the journey that is buying sex toys online together, shall we? We're always available for chats, information, questions and concerns, and are so excited for you to live your best life ever with Your Pleasure Toys!

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