15 Firework-Inducing Foreplay Tips for Men

While we don't like to start off on a somewhat dismal note, it is a fact that that men take, on average, five minutes to climax, while women take, on average, 17 minutes.

Also, a study of more than 8,000 women showed that only six percent achieved orgasm through penile-vaginal intercourse! Basically, the orgasm gap is real, folks! 

For that reason, foreplay is an incredible tool to use in the bedroom. It not only creates a more relaxed and comfortable experience, but also increases arousal and may just be the key to achieving your most beloved orgasm.

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Foreplay Tips

15 Foreplay Tips for Men

Regardless of gender and sexual orientation, partners who know better, do better. Which is why we're bringing you 15 firework-inducing foreplay tips for men that'll feel like magic in between the sheets, no matter who you're with.

1. Set the Scene

Amazing foreplay starts with setting the scene. There are so many ways that you can create a romantic, sexy, and or erotic space for you and your partner. Perhaps light a few (scented) candles, put down some fresh sheets, use incense, have a good bottle of wine, and or play music that gets both of you feeling relaxed and aroused. 

2. Slow & Steady

Once you've set the scene, take your time to start exploring and enjoying each other's bodies. You see, sex as society perceives it to be, isn't the goal. In fact, sex is anything you want it to be. And by removing the idea that penetration and orgasm is the ultimate end goal, you'll be able to take more time teasing and pleasing one another. Soft kisses, subtle touches, and flirting can go a long way when it comes to building up sexual tension and libido.

3. Lesser-Known Erogenous Zones

As humans, we immediately want to go for the main hot spots in hopes of achieving climax as soon as possible. But the build up itself can not only create a huge amount of lust, but also aid in even better orgasms. For that reason, take your time to explore the lesser-known erogenous zones. Places such as the inside of the knee, behind the ears, around the breasts, the scalp, and the nape of the neck are highly erotic areas to heighten your passion.

Erogenous Zones

4. Get Started Early

Foreplay doesn't have to start the moment two partners begin to explore and intertwine bodies. It can start as early as a few hours to a few days beforehand. Things such as dirty sexts, racy photos, and dirty talk can turn up the heat and create a massive amount of arousal, resulting in that feeling you get when you just can't wait to get your hands all over your special someone.

5. It's All in the Tease

Flirting and teasing is a slow and erotic way to engage in foreplay. You could put on a super sexy outfit or lingerie and do a little strip tease or show for your partner. Or, you could blindfold them and guide their hands across your body, giving them a small taste of what's to come. Teasing is always pleasing.

6. Mutual Masturbation

Masturbation is an act of self-care that almost everyone engages in. And when we think about masturbation, we often believe that it's something we do when we're alone. But did you know that mutual masturbation has a slew of benefits when it comes to even better trysts with a partner? For one, it brings in the element of voyeurism and exhibitionism, as you thrive in passionate euphoria watching your lover, and showing them what makes you feel good. Another bonus is that both partners can learn more about what turns one another on. Watch what they do with their hands, toys, mouth, and remember it for next time for an incredible bout of shared foreplay. 

 Mutual Masturbation

7. Toys!

Sex toys are merely an aid to heighten erotica. They in no way replace humans (a sex toy can't cuddle, kiss, and embrace you!). Which is why you can use them to really turn up the heat. Perhaps a clitoral suction vibrator toy would be the perfect addition for your vulva-owning partner who adores clit stimulation? Or a male masturbator that can be used for masturbation, mutual masturbation, or as a tool whilst giving oral sex. There are so many sassy toys out there to transform your foreplay adventures.

8. Amateur Erotica

You don't have to be an award-winning erotic novelist to whisper sweet nothings with a hint of sexiness. And going old-fashioned is actually even more romantic today given the obsession with instant gratification and the use of technology. Why not sit down and write a short erotic story for your partner? Allow it to slowly build up, describing in detail the things you want to do to or with your partner? Or use a fantasy that both of you share to create a naughty narrative. 

9. Erotic Massage

There is immense power in touch, and allowing an innocent massage to turn into something erotic is the ultimate treat for lovers in lust. Begin by massaging their legs, arms, head, tummy, and slowly inch your way closer to their sweet spots. Set the scene with some delicious scented massage oils, and be sure to take your time for a buildup of intense sexual arousal. 

Erotic Massage

10. Games

Adult games are a great way to enjoy the journey that is sexually exploring a partner. There are a ton of saucy adult games that give you dozens of sexy prompts and acts to perform, which will not only create a really sensual mood, but may also allow you to learn of new ways to enjoy pleasure together. 

11. Kinky Props

Sexual wellness products and kinky props are excellent tools to bring into the bedroom. For example, you could go for a warming/cooling or flavoured lube that'll add a tingle to your erogenous zones! Or, you could go a little more daring, and grab a blindfold, handcuffs, or a feather tickler. Take turns to try new roles, such as more dominant or more submissive, and see how you enjoy giving up or taking power in the sexual atmosphere of ecstasy. 

12. Temperature Play

Temperature play is not only a sexual activity, but actually a physically-stimulating one. You see, when something hot or cold touches the skin, your body's neuroreceptors are stimulated, giving off a pleasant and surprisingly erotic effect. Some examples of temperature play include using an ice cube, hot candle wax, a glass sex toy that can be heated or cooled, ice cream, or warming or cooling lubricant.

Temperature Play

13. Get Wet!

While we do want your sexy juices to flow, what we actually mean by "get wet" is to take a sexy or sensual shower or bath together. You don't need to engage in any sexual activity at all, yet simply admire your partner's body, glide against them, hold their hand, give them a massage, or simply wash them sensually. Being naked and aroused together without going full throttle is an excellent form of foreplay and activity to get yourself even more sexually excited.

14. All Five Senses

Our five senses are incredible powerful and can be used to heighten your sexual bliss. Some examples to tantalise can include:

  • Sight: Wear something slinky and erotic and create a feast for your partner's eyes.
  • Sound: Make a playlist of songs that increase arousal, or that you two have sexy memories with.
  • Smell: Use scented candles, perfume or cologne, massage oils, or aromatherapy to create a more sensual and sexy atmosphere.
  • Touch: Grab a feather tickler or use your finger and trace your way all over your partner's body. Or grab a cube of ice or candle wax for a bout of saucy temperature play.
  • Taste: Add delicious food items to your play time, like whipped cream or chocolate syrup. Or grab a flavoured lube and take your oral sex game to the next level.

15. Verbal & Non-Verbal Cues

And finally, this foreplay tip for men is applicable at all stages of sexy time, whether it's in fact during foreplay, or during penetration. Our bodies are amazingly powerful, which means that listening to and being aware of your partner's verbal and non-verbal cues will help you to get them intensely aroused and climatic. Listen to how they're moaning or talking, but also if their body is leaning into the pleasure with lust. Try to be intuitive to if they're feeling aroused, pleasured, uncomfortable or nervous, and communicate that for better foreplay fun than ever.

Sexual Verbal & Non-Verbal Cues

Have you found a few helpful foreplay tips for men here? Or maybe you've already tried and tested a few of these with excellent results? Let us know your favourite foreplay tip!

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