10 Lesbian Sex Positions for Kinkier Adventures

Regardless of gender or sexual orientation, it is every human's right to enjoy great sex! Even solo sex is a basic need, one that has the power to bring us endless benefits and all kinds of good feels.

Which is why we're big advocates when it comes to new ways of getting yourself, and your partner, off! And today, we're focusing on lesbian sex positions!

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10 Sex Positions Lesbians


10 Lesbian Sex Positions for Kinkier Adventures

Whether you're in a new relationship, an old one, or playing the field, these 10 lesbian sex positions will most definitely take you on a journey towards hotter adventures!

1. On-Top and Lying 69

We're all relatively familiar with 69, right? But there are actually two different ways that this sex position can be enjoyed. There's the most popular one, which is when one person climbs on top of the other, topsy turvy, giving both unobstructed access to their partner's sweet spots, then there's the lying down 69.

The lying down 69 is similar, but instead of one partner being on top and the other on the bottom, both partners will lay down on their side, topsy turvy. The lying down 69 can be more pleasant for those who don't feel comfortable feeling the weight of their partner, or putting their weight on their partner.

2. Titillating Tribadism

It's a mouthful to say... but tribadism is actually just the correct (and fancier) term for scissoring. And yes, this lesbian sex position is cliche, but for good reason... it can be extremely sexual and arousing!

To practice scissoring, it involves two people on their sides, then grinding their pelvises together as their legs tangle and swivel. This lesbian sex position can be a little tricky (at first), and there's definitely a learning curve. As one woman said, "It's easy to do it poorly or for the position itself not to work. It takes work, it takes energy, it takes endurance."

Essentially, it's all about finding the groove between your and your partner's body, and finding a way that's most comfortable for both of you.

Lesbian Positions

3. The Rocket

The Rocket, aka face sitting, is when you straddle your partner's face in such a way that your clit sits deliciously in their mouth. This position can be super hot, as it allows either partner to take the reins.

For example, the one who face sits can straddle their partner's face, rocking back and forth, to find their best rhythm and sensation. This will give the face sitter more control when it comes to their pleasure. Or the face sitter can simply sit back and allow their partner to stimulate and please them.

Another pro to The Rocket? You could practice this lesbian sex position close to a wall to give the face sitter something to hold on for extra comfort. And don't forget that you could always add your favourite vibe into the mix so that the giver of pleasure can get themselves warmed up.

4. Handsy Missionary

The missionary sex position is a favourite for many, and allows for an intense and intimate session. This is because it offers the chance to look into your partner's eyes during sex.

Missionary can be enjoyed between lesbian partners by bringing in a strap-on or strapless strap-on dildo or vibrator. But you could also enjoy it in a different kind of way, missionary with a handy twist!

Instead of bringing in your favourite toys, why not use your hands instead of a penis or toy? This is a great way to be even more intimate with your partner, and to learn about and witness all of their favourite hot spots.

Lesbian Sex

5. Strap-On Doggy

Giddy up for the strap-on doggy style with your favourite! The doggy style sex position is a real treat for those who want to experience deeper penetration, and getting into the position itself can be an immense turn on. And the view for the one penetrating is also an added bonus!

Why not have one partner flip over and get on all fours, only to be taken to Pleasure Town by their partner who is wearing their most sexy strap on or strapless strap on?

In this way, the sensation of one partner's hips colliding sensually with their lover's butt is entirely erotic, and it offers the one penetrating to reach around and stimulate their partner's nipples at the same time for even more heightened bliss.

6. The Thigh Tease

Like a sexy twist on the dry hump, the Thigh Tease is when two partners get on their knees and lean into each other's thighs so that they're criss cross. In this way, both partners' clitoris and vulva will nestle up against their lover's thigh, allowing for some sexy, slow, or fast-paced grinding.

This position is also great because it allows for eye contact, making it more intimate. It also prompts a bit of cheeky kissing and licking during the fun, which is always a thrilling bonus.

Lesbian Sex Positions

7. The Eagle

The Eagle is alarmingly similar to scissoring, except that many may argue that it's easier to do. So, if scissoring is something that tickles your fancy, yet you're a bit apprehensive or it is too uncomfortable, give 'The Eagle' a crack.

The Eagle lesbian sex position is when one partner climbs on top of their lover in such a way that they're settled on top of the pelvic area. Then both partners will align their clits together, which will allow for some rampant and erotic humping and grinding.

8. Queening

Yes, queening is face sitting. But we thought we'd mention it here, as there is one cheeky bit of sex furniture, called a queening chair, that may prove invaluable for some. 

A queening chair is perfect for those who feel uncomfortable getting on top of their partner, or those who have limited mobility. It's a foldable chair that can be adjusted to a desired height, has arm rests for balance, and a little soft space for the knees.

Using a queening chair will undoubtedly make face sitting even more pleasurable for those who are apprehensive or nervous about it, and just as sexy for those who aren't.

How Do Lesbians Have Sex

9. All-Fours Oral

Instead of getting on all fours, preparing yourself for penetration, why not do so and enjoy the sweet sensation of your lover's tongue tasting your sweet spot?

Receiving oral sex whilst on all fours actually gives your partner a different kind of angle than what they're used to! And it allows for easy access to their booty too for double pleasure!

10. Toys, Toys, and More Toys!

For a heightened bout of play, grab your favourite sex toy for a session of erotica you'll be pining over days later. There are so many pleasure products that are perfect for various lesbian sex positions, so why not get creative and invite your favourite clit sucker, wand, G-spot vibe or anal toy into the bedroom?

Or, if you're stumped for ideas, you could do the all of the lesbian sex positions above with your favourite sex toy. Either stimulate the nipples, thighs, tummy, or other sweet spots to heighten the arousal, and bring both partners to an insatiable climax that's like something dreams are made of! 

Our favourite toys for vulva owners include:

Lesbian Sex Style

Are you ready to go on even more thrilling adventures with your partner? Enjoy the sexual euphoria that accompanies these 10 lesbian sex positions, and don't forget to add in your favourite lube for an even wetter and wilder experience!

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